Getting to know Glasgow

An overall introduction to Glasgow to give you a deeper understanding - culture and history insights, our virtual tour of many sides of Glasgow, how to make the most of the public transport system - plus, our Insider's Guide to Glasgow ebook!

· March 30, 2023

Ever feel you’re scratching the surface of a city and missing its soul? We don’t want that to happen to you with Glasgow – there’s so much you won’t want to miss! To help you get a deeper feel for Glasgow, this course gives you:

  • an introduction to the history and culture of Glasgow
  • a virtual tour of the city, taking you to all major parts of the city with the help of Google Earth and lots of photos
  • a guide to public transport and
  • our Insider’s Guide to Glasgow ebook.

You will feel inspired and equipped to have an amazing experience in Glasgow!

Collage of park with grand towers in the distance, buildings with romanesque architecture, mural of girls blowing bubbles and modern, interestingly shaped buildings by water.
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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • 4 Topics