Digital learning opportunities

Having worked with European mobilities for over 10 years, we know how life-changing and amazing international interships and other mobility experiences can be. We also know that not everyone gets the chance to travel when they would like to and that many young people are unsure what’s involved in where they’re going and can miss out on the richness of what’s on offer even during a mobility.

With that in mind, a core part of our offering is digital learning – Zoom discussion groups for students and teachers, online courses, virtual study visits, online materials that teachers can use to add a bit of the inspiration of Glasgow into their everyday classes. To create a safe space for these, we have a membership zone, which is in development now and free for anyone who joins it before summer.

We have a Discovering Glasgow for Teaching study visit – and virtual study visit – happening 21-25 February to introduce the materials and explore their use and development, and we will be launching them more widely soon.

To sign up to take part in the virtual study visit, You can join the private Facebook group, and we will provide more details to you there.

To find out more about accessing our online content or joining our next round of Zoom discussion groups – or for anything else you’re interested in, please get in touch through our contact form – where you can also see some lovely photos of Glasgow. We would love to hear from you!