Membership Community

To help Erasmus+ organisers and warm up their students for travel, give teachers extra materials for lessons in English and to maximise the depth of experience for students, we’re creating the Erasmus+ with Ease Membership Community, with plans to launch it in late August.


What kind of content will there be?

We’ll consult with founding members over the next few months, but the ideas for now are:

  • Monthly live workshops with a visitor attraction, host employer, cultural specialist or food and drink destination
  • edited version of those workshops with subtitles, discussion questions and quizzes
  • Features on things to do in Glasgow
  • Things to explore and look for – murals, unicorns, railway stations
  • Local expressions and words in Gaelic and Scots

If you would like to find out more, join the waiting list and we will keep you up to date and consult with you as we develop in preparation for launch.