Our internship preparation course

Our internship preparation course

  • Are internships wonderful but a bit scary?
  • Not sure how things might work?
  • Hard to manage expectations?
  • Way too much to take in all at once at a welcome meeting on arrival?

We know how it can be – and we know that sorting out problems after you arrive is much less fun than being prepared and ready to go. With that in mind, we’ve created an online course for students doing internships in Glasgow, so they feel well-prepared and can manage that preparation in their own time, go over things they’re not sure of and even use subtitles if needed.

We piloted the course with students from two countries this autumn and got great feedback. And at the welcome meeting, they could list the important things to know before we needed to tell them – success! Everyone went on to have an amazing time.

Before coming, I felt excited and nervous but after the course, I was less nervous…

Vanesa, Slovenia

Screenshot of the "Preparing for an internship in Glasgow" course in Trainer Central
Preview of the course

We’re still piloting and would love you to try it out and tell us what you think. At our piloting stage, the course is hosted on Trainer Central, but we’ll be developing a later version on LearnDash with more functions, including teachers being able to track which of their students has completed the course.

For now, you can sign up here and try it out. Have a look through, or do the whole course with all the quizzes and you can get a certificate at the end. We look forward to hearing what you think! 😊