Study visits

Study visits

Teachers in front of Pollok House

As you can tell, we love to share our city, and study visits are a great way to get a wide range of learning in a short time.

We can arrange study visits on topics you request, but we are also looking to offer visits on Glasgow culture, food and drink, virtual tourism, sustainable tourism and young entrepreneurship.

“Sabrina’s enthusiasm showing us places is clearly from the heart.”

– Slovenian teachers’ study visit group

Study visits are also visa-friendly. If you have an EU or EEA passport, you won’t need a visa at all and if you are from outside the European Economic Area, you still only need a Standard Visitor Visa.

Our study visits can also be offered virtually or as a blended experience, or can be added to internships for students, within the same visa, as these students did.

“What was best? The overall activities and an amazing guide.”

– Ingo, Belgian student

To find out more about Study Visits or request your own, just get in touch. We would love to work with you!

To learn more about visa-free mobilities, download our free Guide.